Boxing Classes Melbourne

Boxing Classes Melbourne

boxing classes Melbourne

Melbourne, get ready to put up a good fight with boxing classes for the beginner to the seasoned pro!

At Fighters Xpress, we are about providing our students with the best training experience possible.

Whether you want to fight Boxing or Kickboxing/Muay Thai or are just interested in getting fit while learning correct technique and skills, we have boxing classes, lessons and in-depth training for every individual.

Beginners Boxing Classes Melbourne

Fighters Xpress prides ourselves on an inclusive, encouraging and friendly atmosphere where anyone of any age and skill level is always welcome. We provide our students with the best coaches - all of our classes are taught by current professional fighters, whose knowledge is second to none and they are not only exceptional at what they do, they live for it.

Every few months, we introduce a new beginner intake, so if you’re interested contact us ASAP to secure your place.

Intermediate Boxing Classes Melbourne

Our Intermediate class focuses on the development and fine-tuning of the basic skills already achieved in the Beginner boxing classes. In this class, we begin to introduce sparring for those who are interested in taking their training to the next level or to prepare for a fight. This is where the knowledge and experience from our trainers makes our gym second to none in providing our students with the upmost support in achieving their goals and preparing our up and coming fighters for success in the ring.

If you live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, discover our diverse range of Fighters Xpress boxing classes today!